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17 iun. 2012

Jamie Oliver: lemon pudding

                             Jamie Oliver: lemon pudding 

                                     (Preparation time: 55 minutes)


     Today we must sweeten. From cold outside, I'm sure you do not burn to be nice, welcoming, well-ordered. The perfect solution to get out of this state comes from gourmet friend, Jamie Oliver, we propose a delicious pudding, delicious.

 -55g butter
 -115 g sugar
 -zest and juice of one lemon 

 -2 large eggs with egg whites separated
 -55g flour with baking powder 

 -285 ml milk


    Initially it mixes butter, sugar and lemon peel until smooth as cream. Gradually add egg and flour, then pour milk and lemon juice.

another bowl, beat egg whites until stiff for then to be poured composition obtained earlier. All composition "united" mix gently, so as to leave no air in the egg white foam.

  The next step
is baking. For this we need a dish that is placed and the composition obtained is inserted in the oven for 45 minutes. Do you realize that pudding is ready when the top is mingled and got golden color.

                                                                      Bon Appetite!


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