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15 iun. 2012

Delicious snack: rice milk, vanilla and walnuts race

          Delicious snack: rice milk, vanilla and walnuts race.

    Rice with milk remains the preferred snack for children, but why not try the upgraded version and you're an adult? Try a unique recipe of rice with milk, adding a few ingredients and spices, and vanilla powder and grated coconut time.


-1 liter of milk
-a cup of rice
-one teaspoon vanilla powder
-one tablespoon of brown sugar
-200 grams hazelnut cream
-cup coconut race


     Put rice in a pot to boil water. In another bowl put the cooked milk with sugar. After the rice boil several times, strain it and add it in sweetened milk. Let it boil until the rice begins to swell. Add vanilla powder for added flavor. Once boiled rice, add nuts and mix well bred. Then cover the rice with a delicious hazelnut cream layer. The dish is ready!
                                                                   Bon appetite!

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